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Grace Jewels

Commitment rings have varied throughout history in style, material, and even which finger they were worn on. What has remained the same is the symbolism that they portray of a love linking two lives together. Since your engagement or wedding ring is arguably the most sentimental and precious piece of jewelry you will ever own, I believe it should be as unique and personal as the love it celebrates.

My jewelry starts with the concept that unique and thoughtful touches elevate classic designs to something extraordinary and timeless. Whether you choose something simple or something ornate, and regardless of what you choose for metal and gems or diamonds, each piece of my jewelry is made one at a time from start to finish with love and utmost attention to detail. What starts as a hand drawn sketch is transformed into a 3D design in CAD and printed on a state of the art 3D printer. Each design is then lost wax cast, one at a time, and finished and set by hand to ensure perfection in every ring.

In an effort to care for the planet and its people, I source only the finest conflict free stones and use only Canadian Diamonds for all the accent diamonds in my work. I also use only 100% recycled metals that have been perfectly refined to reduce mining's negative impact on the environment.

It is magical to be part of so many people's love stories, and getting the opportunity to help people showcase the unique beauty of their bond through their ring. I would be honored to help you create your perfect ring!