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Grace Jewels collection is ever growing with new designs and new stone choices. Many of my designs can be further customized to perfectly reflect your unique style. Focusing on creating uniquely beautiful, high quality, and ethically produced body jewelry, I strive for perfection in every detail. Whether you are looking for an elegant set of press & fit facial studs for your wedding day, a septum ring to celebrate a life milestone, a set of gauges for a non-traditional proposal, or just something unique and amazing to make you feel badass everyday - let me help you create a piece that you will love for years to come!


My creation process combines state of the art with timeless techniques to produce the most beautiful finished pieces. I never cut corners with quality: choosing to create heavyweight and perfectly finished pieces over less costly mass-produced wares. Each piece starts as an idea or a rough sketch and is brought to life using CAD designs. Once purchased, your piece is printed using an industry leading 3D printer capable of capturing the finest details in castable wax resin. Pieces are then cast, one at a time, in the sizes and metals of your choice using only 100% certified recycled precious metals, be it Sterling Silver, 10k Gold, 14k Gold, 18k Gold or Platinum, using the classic lost wax casting technique. Each piece is then carefully hand finished and set using only the best ethically sourced gemstones, and the finest conflict-free diamonds. 


I have nearly 20 years experience in the jewelry industry and have operated my woman-owned business for over a decade. Through the wonders of the internet I am lucky enough to be able to share my lifelong love of making artful treasures with people from all over the world.

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